About You

What do you want?


No. Really.


What do you really want?


My clients are primarily mid-career professionals who want to love the job they’re in, find the one they do, and “find their fizz.”


By working together for three, six months or more, we will complete customized exercises to uncover the big (and small) things that you really want in both your career and life.


Are you:


1) Ready to make decisions and take actions that lead to the changes you’ve thought about, but never acted on?

2) Committed to being honest with yourself?

3) Open to learning about how you define success?

4) Available to discover and be challenged about some of the “stories” you tell yourself?


I became a coach because I want you to discover what you want and build a plan for how to get there.


My job is to be a facilitator for you, to challenge you, help clarify your career & life goals, hold you gently but firmly accountable, as well as be  a sounding board and/or mentor.


During our time together, I help you answer questions for yourself, like:

  • What do I really want?
  • How do I get out of a job I don’t like?
  • How do I figure out my career path?
  • Why do certain things bug me?
  • What’s life all about, anyway?


Read more HERE  about how I can help a client like you who may have more questions.