Here are a few ways we can connect. You choose how.

There are may ways to connect, beyond coach-client.


If you’re considering coaching with me, let’s schedule a time to chat, so I can learn more about you. A Curiosity Call is free and no-commitment.


In our world today, most of us are electronically (“virtually”) connected.  Yet being personally connected with another human being involves more than just clicking the “Like” or “share” button on a social media outlet.


If you are interested in catapulting your goals, career trajectory, and/or life to the next level, let’s have a live and in-person conversation. Or let’s talk by phone.  Or via Zoom. Let’s be two humans, being.


“Curiosity Calls” are free, and the goal is to satisfy your curiosity about coaching, what you want, and how we can get you there, together.

Are you ready?




Here are other ways for us to connect:


Content here will be both leadership-related and triathlon-related. You will see posts with articles, thoughts, resources, and videos created by me.And, you will also see posts on triathlon-related information, resources and “shout-outs” to my athletes who have, for example, just finished a race.

Linked In

Let’s connect here if you’re interested in strictly business or career-related subjects like management, interpersonal relationships, leadership, figuring out what you want, and how to better excel in your chosen career. There will also be some videos created by me, about the same subjects.

Instagram TV

This app is a mobile video platform linked to your Instagram account, if you have one. Instagram TV (IGTV) is where I will post videos on personal-coaching-related topics, such as: simple goal-setting exercises, listening practice, how to uncover personal values, and more. There will also be triathlon-related content here. Find me under The_Right_Duff_Coaching

Power Tips

This is an electronic note with simple ideas about how you can use a simplified version of my skills exercises, including:

• Listening

• Uncovering your story behind the situation

• Changing a negative story

• Goal-setting